salt_breeze (salt_breeze) wrote in blog_sociology,

Dear colleagues!

What changes in family lifestyle you can mention in the context of spreading PC’s and Internet in past decade? What definitions you can suggest to describe these changes? Can you say that family life has become more routine, various, dynamic, public e t.c. and why. I’m looking forward to all your ideas and suggestions! Thanks!
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To my mind, family life became more individual and independent. While spending a lot of time online, people don't really feel living alone or in the family.
Well, you can definitely say that families spend less time together, etc. I'm not really sure if there are definitions, but you could explore the ideas of community. Some have argued that the introduction of technology and our capitalist society has contributed to the breakdown of community, which could have an impact on family life. You could explore the other theories that things like social networks are introducing a whole new community/social networks. Also, families, like everyone else, are affected by the effects of media representation, and there's the question of whether children's and young people's exposure to the internet and the way it shares/transmits values has had an impact on family life and the way kids are brought up, etc. There's just too many angles to explore it from!