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The other side of the coin

When I was a kid we had this big contraption with a 50,000 volt transformer and buzzing neon-like tubes that generated ozone. It was a 'medical' device touted to cure everything from hangnails to cancer. Fortunately I didn't spend too much time with this newfangled gadget so I still have my original lungs. I don't want to appear like some 'neo-Luddite', but I can say from long experience that it is wise to look closely at new technology before diving in head first.

That said...here are a couple interesting looks at the good side of online communication

Study says social networking sites increase productivity...with the usual cautions of course :)

Facebook as a serious communications tool...
"In fact, she and others noticed attendance at Sociology Club meetings was down, but once the Facebook groups were posted, membership and involvement increased."

The article also refers to the advantage of a certain amount of leniency in the workplace, like casual Fridays. The sort of thing that makes people feel 'this is a good place to work'. In my HR management studies a few decades ago I remember coming across a study that showed the same thing with mild employee pilfering. Allowing someone to walk off with a box of pencils now and then can actually pay off for a company.

This article suggests there might be an equal advantage to allowing a certain amount of on the job private Internet access. But it also mentions the problem of abuse. Such things are always a delicate balance and it isn't always easy to see where to draw the line. I have known a number of people who have encountered problems with Internet use in the workplace.

And here is an article which states that, instead of isolating people, the Internet is putting us in touch.


"Wellman said almost all relationships people have online are with those they already know. In fact, he says, it's generally more social people who are greater Internet users."

I have been accused recently of not understanding what REAL people are like because I spend so much time in the make believe world of the internet.
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