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The web as an alternative news source

I grew up in the Vietnam era. Every day we heard the news on radio and TV, and read in the papers about the atrocities of the communist intruders in North Vietnam. I was pretty geeky even then, messing with phone computers and old electronics gear I dug up here and there. One day I got my hands on an old ham radio receiver. After replacing a few tubes and stretching a wire from my room to a tree in the back yard for an antenna I was surfing the static filled airwaves for anything of interest.

That was when I encountered Radio Moscow. My father was a firm McCarthyist, so I had been brought up on tales of Russian media brainwashing. It was that foundation that set me up for the shock I got listening to that 'brainwashing'. It was the same exact news about the same exact atrocities using the same exact wording and vocal inflections as the news I had been hearing every day. The ONLY thing that was different was the name of the enemy. They were talking about the American intruders in South Vietnam. And it was every bit as sincere and convincing as our own broadcasts.

Now, this didn't cause me to turn instantly into a raving communist and defect to Russia. What it did do was show me that, if this is what people are calling brain washing, then I have been brain washed nearly every day of my life. That was when I started paying much closer attention to what I was being told by whom and why. That was when I started questioning what the media was telling me. That was when I started looking for other sources of information.

Today we have literally millions of alternate news sources at our fingertips right here on the Internet. Much of it, of course, is like the static on that old radio, just garbage to sift through in search of real information. Much of it is little more than parroted ignorance, including many of the professional media sources. Many more are outright misinformation...on every side of every issue.

but there are a growing number of alternate news sites on the Internet with good, hard hitting reports. These are the sites people need to be reading. They also need to start eating healthy, driving electric cars and flossing regularly. I don't see any of this happening any time soon.

So how about it? Do you regularly read any alternate news sources on the web? Which ones and why? Do you think their messages are getting out? Do you think this is making a difference? Is there a chance 'mainstream media' will just start imitating them so you get the same 'brainwashing' while you think you are getting independent news? How do you tell what news is really legit? Inquiring minds want to know...

Food for thought...are any of these sites worth reading?
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