withoutscene (withoutscene) wrote in blog_sociology,

Sampling via internet communities???

Hi all, I am new here and have a question. For my dissertation I plan to recruit participants (for interviews) via the internet. The group I am studying is diffuse and there are rarely local groups but tons of online activity--blogs, listservs, LiveJournal, etc. So the internet is the best way to access my population, but then the systematic nature of sampling becomes a problem.

Anyway, I am looking for examples of sociological studies where people sampled via the internet through LiveJournal, blogs, or listservs. I have found some literature, but I am not satisfied and a lot of the stuff I'm finding is outside of sociology. I figured if I'm looking for sociologists who employ LJ I'll log into my LJ and ask. Any references you have would be tremendously appreciated. Thanks!
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