A Psychopathic Poet, The Devil's Bastard Son. (curefreak) wrote in blog_sociology,
A Psychopathic Poet, The Devil's Bastard Son.

I'm like a kid at Christmas right now. :)

You see there is a guy in my social circle who I openly admit falls into the category of me tolerating, as opposed to actually liking or actively disliking. We all follow the English football (soccer). He is a Liverpool supporter, as are a couple of other guys in the group, whereas I myself am a Chelsea fan.

It seems this guy is a moderator of a Liverpool blog (Not on LJ). He apparently spends hours a day on there, picking arguments with other Liverpool fans, stirring them up and making them more and more angry until they lose it. He then turns around and pretends that he is innocent and that they are overreacting and uses his role as moderator to claim that it would not be in the community's best interests for him to make it uncomfortable for members, so it is all on them. So basically he is a troll of sorts. The thing is English football fans do stir each other up, it's just part of it, but this person is taking it to the extreme and is unrelenting with it.

I'm excited because I have the opportunity to watch his "work" on the website, without his knowledge, observe him in a real life social setting and compare the two. Also, because I am ambivalent toward him, I am unlikely to taint my observations with my personal feelings.

I'm curious, have any of you been in a position to do something similar and if so, how did it go?

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