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blog_sociology's Journal

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Sociology of computer communications
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Note: This was, as far as I know, the first online community for the study and discussion of the sociology of online communities and communication when I created it in early 2003. The forum is now inactive but remains available for reference at the request of the general membership.

blog_sociology is a for the discussion of the sociology of CMC (computer mediated communication). A wide diversity of viewpoints, thoughts, and ideas are welcome and encouraged, even to the point of challenging established knowledge.

This is a relaxed, open forum of casual discussion. I have always found that good people in civil discussion do not need rules. This forum is for such people and therefore has no rules. However, there are always those who inhibit and frustrate civil discourse by various means. For such people in this forum the pragma-dialectics rules for a critical discussion will be firmly applied. In particular, deliberately misrepresenting the standpoints or premises of others will merit immediate and permanent ban.

Topics of discussion might include:

* Similarities and differences of online interaction with real life interaction
* The role of the blog in media
* Behaviour exhibited by individual bloggers or groups of bloggers
* How communities and groups work in the online world and how they are managed
* Any item that impacts blogs, bloggers or blog companies to the extent that the impact is sociological
* Significant news items where blogs or bloggers have received press attention
* Disadvantages to keeping online blogs or journals

This is not a finite set and only exists to show examples of the sorts of topics we discuss. We are here to examine what is happening and our responses to it, not to dictate what should happen.

If you wish to use this forum to assist you in sociological studies or projects, please come back and let us know your findings when complete.

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